An innovative web design studio based in North Canterbury on the outskirts of Christchurch.

We design and develop modern websites which are not only engaging for visitors but just as importantly focus on functionality and usability. The development of a website can be complex but can be made as simple as possible for you. Your website will be customised specifically to your needs and requirements.

Whether you are thinking about getting a brand new website or updating a current one, let's have a no obligation chat to see how I can be of service. I can come to you at your convenience if you are in the Christchurch or North Canterbury region.

The cost of the design and development of a website start from $500. This cost depends on the complexity of the website and other services required. Get in touch with me now to have a chat and a quote.

Looking for a trusted Web Designer in Christchurch?



Have a look at our portfolio of websites that we have designed and developed for our clients. We do work for clients within Canterbury and Christchurch region and also throughout New Zealand.

The Secret Restaurant,   Mountain Master  and Wall 2 Wall Insulation websites have videos when viewed on larger screens. The Mountain Master and  MummyMatters  are e-commerce websites.


We have worked with and assisted many clients to successfully have a web prescence. These are a few of what our happy and satisfied clients have said about us.


We offer a complete solution in establishing or enhancing your prescence on the internet. This includes website design, development, website content, hosting, and maintenance.

Free Consultation

It is important that I understand your needs. Before I start any design or developement work, some time has to be spent understanding your business, strategies and ideas. A short meeting will usually suffice. After our initial discussion, a draft concept plan and quote will be presented.

Responsive Design

We design modern websites specifically for your requirements. Websites are customised to capture the attention of all visitors and has to be focused in its functionality. All our websites are designed to suit devices of different screen sizes. If your current website doesn't display well on all screen sizes, drop me a message to discuss your options.


It is essential that the text on your website is written well. A well written copy instills a sense of trust in your visitors and help in your search engine ranking. I work with a script writer who can compose all the necessary text copy for you for the website if required.


Photos are the focal points of any website. The first impression of a website is usually determined by the quality of the images. Being a photographer as well, I offer photographic services if required. Images captured will enhance and complement the website design. Visit my photography website at https://www.danlim.co.nz.

Search Engine Optimisation

Basic SEO work is included with the development of all websites. Extra work can be done if required to aim for a better ranking in search engine organic searches.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

Don't have a domain name yet? Not a problem. We can help you with your selection of domain names, registering it and also provide the appropraite hosting service for your website.


Videos can be a very effective way to capture the imagination of your audience and to enhance the effectiveness of a website. It is an effective enhancement to any website. Have a look at the websites that we have designed with short videos in them.

Website Maintenance

Regular maintenance and updates of the website is a very important but often forgotten task. The website's security and functionality can be comrpomised if left unattended. We are able to help with your regular website maintenance and updates, addition of functionality, newsletters to subscribers and/or Google Adword management.

Graphic Design

Logos, screen or printed advertising design services can also be arranged when required. Graphic artwork consistent with your company's image and style.



The first step is for me to understand your requirements. We will have a chat for me to understand your needs. What is your website mainly to be used for, what business strategies you have, your preferences, etc. A concept plan and quote will then be prepared for your approval. Development will begin once you accept the proposal. A 50% downpayment is required at this stage.



All resources that are to be included in the website need to be handed over to me as I begin developing the website. Resources include images, text copies, links, etc. You will be kept updated as the website development progresses.

Any major changes to the structure of the website at this point will require a re-evaluation of the initial cost.



The website will undergo full testing once it's completed and have been uploaded to the server. All functionality, including links, display in different formats, forms, emails etc will be tested. You will be invited to go through the website as well and report any faults or inaccuracies that need to be corrected.



At the conclusion of testing, we will go live. Your website will be submitted to the main search engines. Payment of the balance of your invoice is now required. I will then hand over access to all your website files and passwords.

If required, I am able to be of further service with Search engine optimization work, site maintenance, additional features etc.

Congratulations! You now have a new website.